our mission
is ingenuity

Solid Form is a custom metal fabrication shop in McMinnville, Oregon. A team of problem-solvers and creators, we take on projects that benefit from ingenuity and collaboration — working closely with our clients to find innovative solutions to complex challenges.

metal fabrication

Some of our projects are all about function — like the catwalks we’ve produced for local wineries. On others, we contribute our unique design perspective to help architects and other clients realize an aesthetic vision — like distinctive spiral staircases for a restaurant. Still others are industry-specific or equipment-based specialty projects — all designed to be both beautiful and functional. No matter where on this spectrum your project falls, Solid Form will be your partner and resource every step of the way.

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When you receive our product or check out an install we completed, you can count on it to be exactly right for your project. It’s the sum of effective processes and a passion for ingenuity.


As your partner on a project, we start by understanding your vision. From there, we measure every decision against your priorities — whether they are functional, aesthetic, schedule-driven, or all the above.


2018 shop expansion


how we work together

We aspire to be a remarkable place to work: one that brings together problem-solvers and creators, then supports them in forging a rewarding career. It’s built on the foundation of our values.

Sound like the kind of team you want to be part of? Learn more about open positions at Solid Form and see how you can grow with us.


We ask the questions that get us three steps ahead of the game.

Equal parts thinker and listener, we solve problems before they even have a chance to impact our work.

find and address issues

When we take on a project, we own it.

To us, that means doing what it takes to ensure we’re delivering the right product – one that we’ll be just as proud of as our customer.

take the extra step

Continuous improvement is second nature to us.

Whether it’s eliminating a small inefficiency or expanding our skillset, we thrive on opening up new possibilities for exceptional work.

keep growing

We work with people we enjoy.

We believe in shared values, honest conversations, and win-win solutions as the foundation of a bright future.

build partnerships

Waterjet in action

let’s make your next project a reality

Are you an architect seeking a partner in design? A general contractor planning for an upcoming build? Whatever the case, Solid Form can help bring your vision to fruition. Drop us a note describing your project, or any questions we can answer.

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