rising together:
the big idea

Solid Form is committed to redefining right-fit career paths for the next generation of workers. That starts with us, but doesn’t end there. Learn how we’re leading this discussion.

the big idea: forging right-fit career paths

For years, career success has been defined by a four-year degree and a corner office. But what about the jobs that helped build the corner office? Society has unintentionally belittled these career options — which has led to a disengaged workforce, a widening skills gap, and shrinking middle class.

Hear Solid Form President Deven Paolo address this topic from the TEDx stage.

forging right-fit partnerships

We can’t do it alone — which is why we’ve aligned ourselves with other businesses, educational institutions, and industry leaders to spread our message far and wide.

We’re proud to be a part of the conversation. Check out some of our community involvement, past and future, and learn how you can join in.

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Scholarship Applications Open

May 1, 2020|
McMinnville, OR

We invite graduating high school students to apply for one of seven $2,000 scholarships toward the tools, tuition, and supplies they’ll need to embark on their career in the skilled trades. Download the McMinnville Area Vocational Endowment Fund’s application materials for details!

Download the application »

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Rising Together Pinot Noir

October 11, 2019|
McMinnville, OR

The Rising Together Pinot Noir was a custom crush wine, proceeds of which went to Solid Form’s educational endowment fund to support the skilled trades. The wine sold out in October, raising enough to fund scholarships for seven students!

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TEDx McMinnville

January 26, 2019|
McMinnville, OR

Solid Form President Deven Paolo was selected to present at McMinnville’s inaugural TEDx event – which brought together local thought leaders to weigh in on the theme of “Under the Microscope.” The talk was framed around how to bridge the gap to right-fit career paths.