built with ingenuity

Since we first set up shop in 2007, we have designed, engineered, fabricated and installed projects we’re proud of with people that inspire us. Below are a few examples.

We elevate your project with custom fabricated parts like beams, columns, moment frames, embeds, and all other structural metal elements. Throughout the process, our team of engineers, fabricators and erectors measure every decision against your priorities – whether they are functional, aesthetic, schedule-driven, or all the above.

Tributary Hotel

Turner Townsend Residence

Falcon Cove

other project partners:


Moore Architecture + Design, LLC
Waterleaf Architecture
Richard Brown Architect
Waechter Architecture
Soderstrom Architects

General Contractors

P&C Construction Co.
Ward-Henshaw Construction Co.
O’Brien and Company
Yorke and Curtis, Inc.
Haworth, Inc.
R&H Construction


Alloro Vineyard
Jackson Family Wines
Fairsing Vineyard
Dobbes Family Estate
Adelsheim Vineyard
Alexana Winery
Penner-Ash Wine Cellars
The Carlton Winemakers Studio
Domaine Serene Winery and Vineyards
Union Wine Co.

let’s make your next project a reality

Are you an architect seeking a partner in design? A general contractor planning for an upcoming build? Whatever the case, Solid Form can help bring your vision to fruition. Drop us a note describing your project, or any questions we can answer.

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